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01 March 2008

Samsung i560

There are pretty few smartphones among the handsets made by Samsung, and even fewer of them are based on Symbian S60 OS/UI.

All rights to this User Interface software belong to Nokia, so it’s really hard for Samsung (and others) to come up with something their main rival hadn’t thought of yet.

Frankly speaking, until recently the Korean handset maker didn’t have any Symbian smartphones worth a look and the ones it had, didn’t have much appeal.

However this fall, Samsung introduced two interesting new smartphones: Samsung SGH-i550 and Samsung SGH- i560 models.

Among these two, i550 is in a better position to succeed in the market as a standalone model, due to its unusual navigation/control device (a trackball) and an overall better look. And especially now that Samsung i550w got it’s own Wi-Fi.

The prospects of the SGH-i550 ain’t that bright- it just doesn’t have that one thing that should sell it. And built-in GPS definitely is not it.

With the tentative price of 350 euro, Samsung i560 can hardly hope for any commercial success of this model; unless it can convince mobile operators to give an additional push for this handset.

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