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05 March 2008

Nokia 6650 and Nokia 6124 Classic Announced

Nokia is obviously running out of numbers. That became clear with the announcement of their spanking new Nokia 6650 at the CeBIT 2008. The thing is that there is already another Nokia 6650 - one of the first 3G phones ever to come to life. The original Nokia 6650 was also presented at CeBIT but way back in 2003. The other Nokia announced at the CeBIT 2008 is the Nokia 6124 classic which will be available exclusively for Vodafone.

The new Nokia 6650 is a stylish clamshell reminiscent of the Nokia 6555. It will be offered exclusively for T-Mobile customers - hence the logo on its front panel.

The Nokia 6650 is HSDPA-enabled and will offer full support for the T-Mobile exclusive services such as the web'n'walk internet service, the My Faves group calls service, and the Mobile Jukebox music service. A premium feature is the integrated GPS receiver, which thanks to the Assisted GPS service support will be able to provide quick positioning.

Armed with a 2.2-inch 16M color TFT display, the Nokia 6650 also offers a 2 megapixel camera with LED flash and 30 MB of internal memory. The list of features comes complete with a microSD card slot, FM radio and Bluetooth.

Design-wise the Nokia 6650 also packs a punch with the brushed stainless-steel finish reminding of the Nokia 6500 slide.

The Nokia 6650 will be available via T-Mobile's networks throughout Europe in Q3 2008 at a heavily subsidized price. In Germany for example, the Nokia 6650 will retail for just EUR 1 with the Relax 100 rate.

The second handset announced by Nokia is the Vodafone-exclusive Nokia 6124 classic.

3G enabled and as smart as Symbian smartphones get, the Nokia 6124 classic has a 2-inch display, a 2 megapixel camera and a microSD memory card slot. The Nokia 6124 classic is a Vodafone version of the original Nokia 6120 classic much the same way the Nokia 6233 has its twin in the face of the Nokia 6234.

But can we just say that the new design breathes life in the otherwise capable and compact Nokia 6120 classic - what a welcome change.

The Nokia 6124 classic will start shipping in Vodafone markets in Q2 2008.

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