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24 February 2011

Motorola Atrix 4G is Now Available

Motorola Atrix 4G is now available in the United States by some stores and can be predicted, the price varies at each store. Prices start from $ 129.99 contract with AT & T or you can go to bundle with laptop dock included.

Bids came from cheapestMotorola Atrix 4G from Walmart - $ 129.99 with a new contract (from $ 59.99 per month). Then there is a relationship between Amazon.com and RadioShack both offering the phone at $ 149.99. Finally, you can get directly from AT & T for $ 199.99 with 2 year plan from $ 39.99/month plus $ needed 15/month (or more) plan data.

Before you do the numbers and see what plan you choose, you should consider getting a portable dock (or "Lapdock) bundled with the ATRIX 4G for $ 499.99 from AT & T. You must do this in a contract year 2 for $ 45 data plan / month. If you do not want to get a data plan, pricy Lapdock alone cost $ 499.99 and will need to have a cell phone separately.

RadioShack has Atrix 4G Lapdock package with Motorola for a while 'less - $ 479.99. Please note that mail in the rebate applies to some of the prices.

Decisions, decisions - you can see our hands-on from the MWC to see if Lapdock highly valuably, or maybe the media dock better.

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4 komentar:

Peluang Usaha Modal Kecil : 3/20/11, 9:26 AM said...

ane pertamaxgan, info produk yang menarik

Samsung Mobile Price List : 4/22/11, 10:01 PM said...

Everything nice in Motorola Atrix 4G mobile.

Cell Phones Info : 6/1/11, 4:34 PM said...

interesting article..

Vimax Pills : 4/7/15, 5:17 AM said...

keren bos mantab, sukses selalu

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