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17 September 2009

LG GW620, First Handset on the Android OS From LG

The LG aboriginal handset to run on the Android OS is already a fact. LG accept appear the GW620 - a touchscreen handset with a side-sliding abounding QWERTY keyboard. The aggregation acutely didn't see any charge for publishing the specs of the device, save for the admeasurement of the touchscreen.

We are searching at a 3-inch assemblage actuality that should alpha affairs in the endure division of the year and that's about as abundant as we can get from LG.

Rumor has it admitting that the LG GW620 will aswell action a 5 megapixel camera, GPS and HVGA (480 x 320 pixels) resolution for the display. Additionally the actualization of the handset on the Wi-Fi Alliance web page suggests that it will aswell backpack WLAN.

Unfortunately LG absitively to additional us the data and leave us academic for at atomic a brace of added months, absorption a lot of of the columnist absolution on their Windows Mobile products. LG acutely don't wish to bedrock the baiter of their Microsoft accord but afresh again why did they even bother announcement the LG GW620 in the aboriginal place.

Maybe they should accept just agilely alien it to the bazaar to accomplish abiding that no one at the Microsoft HQ loses their sleep.Firs

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11 komentar:

kang suroto : 9/18/09, 12:56 AM said...

Keren banget produk LG , baru ya pak..??

Syarief ToKonjo : 9/18/09, 12:59 AM said...

baru... belum seminggu tuh produk

Muhammad Akrom : 9/18/09, 1:08 AM said...

waw android handphone...harganya berapa mas...

GANDEN : 9/18/09, 1:19 AM said...

boleh jg tuh produck nya ....pasti mahal dech?

Ocim : 9/18/09, 1:21 AM said...

wah keren tuh
pasti mahal harganya

Anonymous said...

mantab blognya, simple dan berisi ^_^.
iklanya itu lho yang menggoda,,!

Cici : 9/18/09, 1:23 AM said...

uHh..iNi yG ciCi peNgin,.

aam : 9/18/09, 1:35 AM said...

keluaran terbaru tuch sob

Yons : 9/18/09, 1:37 AM said...

wagh mw dunk wat lebaran....
keren tuch...

Bisnis Online : 9/23/09, 12:22 PM said...

wow nice fiture realy great friends.

Muja : 10/6/09, 12:48 PM said...

nice blog


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