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01 October 2007

HTC Touch Slide and S730 surface earlier

With only two days left until the official HTC announcement the first pictures of the new additions to the company mobile phone portfolio leaked on the internet. The pictures of two new models are posted on the Superior Gadgets News website and they seem quite interesting indeed.
HTC S730 is equipped with a much better looking QWERTY keyboard compared to its predecessor HTC S710. The successor model is very similar to HTC S710 in terms of looks and as it seems it will include all its features plus a few nice upgrades. The display remains 65 K color one with QVGA resolution and wireless functionality is kept too. The available RAM memory also remains unchanged at 64MB but the flash memory is doubled in size and is now as large as 256MB. However the greatest improvement made is the CPU -e the TI OMAP 850 200 MHz processor is replaced with a far more powerful Qualcomm 7200 with working frequency of 400 MHz. The final feature added to HTC S730 in comparison to the S710 is the added 3G-functionality and this is surely a change for good.

Moving on to the other leaked model we find a device everyone expected – HTC Touch Slide. Working on the HTC Nike platform HTC Touch Slide looks as a copy of the original HTC Touch except for the fact that it now comes in slider form factor bringing a keypad we are used to seeing in RIM Blackberry phones. The processor of the new model is twice as fast as the one of its predecessor and the ROM and RAM capacities have also been doubled. This means that HTC Touch Slide is now equipped with a 400MHz Qualcomm process with 128MB of RAM and 256MB ROM. The upgrades here like in HTC S730 also include 3G and a dedicated videocall camera. The final features of HTC Touch Slide that are unveiled at this stage are the WLAN and the 2 megapixel camera.
At this stage there is no information regarding both devices pricing and availability but we hope that this will be fixed with the official announcement at the 1st of October.

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moh hufron efendy : 10/2/07, 2:24 AM said...

tuh hp mahal nggak bro buagus keliatannya ya

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